Rahim Shahryari: (Bio-sketch) DOB 2/20/1971

Rahim Shahryari is a multi-talented, well-known, and professional performer in the music scene of the Islamic Republic of Iran. He plays an authentic instrument called “Qarmon” (Gharman), also known as the original instrument for Accordion. Qarmon is widely known as a traditional lead instrument in ethnomusicology of Eastern European countries, such as Central Asia, Russia, as well as Azerbaijan and Iran. Besides being a terrific musician, Mr. Shahryari has also proven to be an exceptional vocalist

Since his debut in 1995, at Tehran’s International Exposition, he has performed as a lead singer/Qarmon player in nearly 500 live concerts in Iran, and around the world. In 1996, he burst into the music scene, by forming the “Araz” Ensemble, a first of it’s kind in the country since the Islamic Revolution. Mr. Shahryari has published over 15 successful musical albums of his own, and helped produce more for other artists. He enjoys a broad popularity in Iran, Azerbaijan, Europe and North America, and is best known for promoting a new waive of popular, young-minded Azeri ethno music that he introduced in his widely sold album in the year of 2000

In 1999, he performed in the 2nd World Congress of Azerbaijanis in California along with his group Araz, hosted by Dr. Hassan Aghnami. A year later, he returned to the United States and held concerts in 10 cities while also receiving an invitation from the University of California, Santa Barbara’s School of Fine Arts

Rahim is the recipient of Fajr Festival’s (most prestigious music festival in Iran) Golden Plaque. He has received numerous awards, proclamations, and memorandums of appreciation from both governmental and private institutions

In addition to his passion for music, Rahim Shahryari holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Accounting and Business management from Tabriz University

He has appeared in numerous TV Shows in Iran, Azerbaijan, the U.S. and Turkey. One of them was in 2009, where BBC of London aired an exclusive interview with him. Furthermore, he was invited to perform in an event in 2004 titled “A special evening with 3 prominent Iranian Human Rights Activists”, featuring Mrs. Shirin Ebadi (the 2003 Nobel Peace Laureate), and Mrs. Mehrangiz Kaar (lawyer, writer, and Iranian Women’s Right Activist) in Vancouver, Canada

There are many published interviews and reports on Rahim Shahryari and his professional work in the Persian and English press

In 2002, Mr. Shahryari was a member of the Executive Committee and a consultant in the first International Seminar of Azerbaijanian Music in Iran. He has performed in many international festivals; one with Baku’s Philharmonic Orchestra in a Festival named

Celebrating Tofique Bakikhanov

Holding auditions and acting as a member of the jury for Baku‘s music academy number 35, Mr. Shahryari also helped in the election process of a group of young musicians and vocalists in the country’s main musical contest in the Republic of Azerbaijan, in 2010

By now, he has performed in multiple concerts in the U.S., Germany, France, Canada, Turkey, as well as Iran and the Republic of Azerbaijan, and has created a platform for other young musicians to follow his lead

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